Top Flight Academy

Top Flight Academy is a licensed residential treatment center (specialized boarding school) for troubled teens ages 12 to 17 that are unmotivated, yet very capable of being successful. The program combines intensive, consistent therapeutic sessions (individual and group) with a structured positive peer culture setting and a self-esteem boosting aviation therapy component to form a powerful and effective environment that produces long term results for troubled teens. Upon enrolment, an individually tailored personal education plan is designed and implemented for each student, ensuring their academic progression requirements are met (and in many cases, exceeded).

In general, troubled teens that Top Flight Academy serves are above average in intelligence – basically “good kids” who have found themselves with the wrong peer group or need a motivational treatment program to help them deal with ADD, ADHD, anger management issues, substance abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, teen depression, teen suicide, and a variety of other troubled teen issues.

Top Flight Academy is unique in that it is the only residential treatment center providing a boarding school atmosphere for troubled teens that uses aviation training in addition to positive peer culture, group and individual therapy to motivate troubled teens to make positive changes. After students make significant progress in their individual treatment plan they begin to work toward their pilot’s license with our certified flight instructors.

Daniels , UT

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