Boot Camp Workouts

Boot Camp Workouts are exercise regimes based upon the principles of military training. These can be used at boot camps for teens as well as being suitable for the adult population. Boot camp fitness regimes appeal to those people who enjoy a military approach to working out.

bootcamp workouts

One of the main differences between conventional workout programs and bootcamp workouts is that the training usually takes place outdoors. The workouts are rarely interrupted by weather conditions; in fact most trainers prefer the boot camps to take place in inclement weather in order to further test the participants’ resolve. The bootcamp workout trainers are usually strict and can be from a military background. The idea is that they will push the participant to their physical and psychological limits and then beyond. At the end of a session it is highly likely the participants will be cold, covered in mud and exhausted yet feel exhilarated.

What are boot camp workouts?

Boot camp workouts are usually focussed upon three key areas: Strength training, Cardio training and Agility.

Strength Training – This will include repetitions of traditional strength training exercises such as sit ups, push ups, resistance bands and lifting weights. These will target different areas of the body and the strength and frequency will be increased as boot camp training progresses.

Cardio Training – Cardio and running are the main components of bootcamp workouts. Most programs will start with a few kilometres of running, increasing as higher fitness levels are achieved. This enhances endurance and really boosts endorphin levels. Jumping rope, step ups and burpees are also utilised in cardio training boot camp exercises.

Agility Training – This usually involves some sort of obstacle course, designed to push each individual to their physical and psychological limit. Progress can be measured by repeating the course or exercises frequently and aiming to improve the time taken to complete it.

Bootcamp fitness training offers a unique opportunity to take your body and mind to their limits and then work hard to exceed them. As they take place outdoors in tough conditions they can also create an opportunity to develop a tougher mental attitude. This offers a huge sense of achievement for those who successfully undertake bootcamp workouts.

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